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Nurse Leaders Play Key Role in National Prevention Strategy

The rising cost of health care has made preventive care more vital than in the past. Nurse leaders increasingly play a crutial role in prevention, which helps patients maintain their health rather than treating diseases and illnesses as they arise.

Created under the guidance of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the National Prevention Strategy was designed to help Americans improve their health and well-being, and learn how to prioritize prevention by integrating recommendations and actions across multiple settings to improve health, creating a more prevention-oriented society.

Prevention casts a wide net, and can include learning about nutritional health, creating safer environments, participating in exercise on a regular basis, and purchasing healthier products for personal hygiene. Each person is responsible for producing a healthier population, and nurses are at the forefront of this community-based strategy.

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Increased roles

The health care system has begun a transition that, for the nursing profession, promises to change the methods of practice, expand current nursing roles, create new ones, and provide many opportunities for nurses to participate in shaping the future health care delivery system. As a nurse leader focusing on furthering health prevention, you will assist in improving the health of populations that suffer higher rates of illnesses or health-related issues.

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