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Time management is of the utmost importance when taking any course be it online or in person. It should also be noted that taking online courses can be a bit more challenging given that the responsibility of timelines regarding deadlines, discussion, and collaboration is all on you.

Make sure you order your books as early as possible. CUA will e-mail you well in advance of each class and let you know what text books to purchase.

Being a graduate student can cause stress, anxiety, and possibly other different forms of negative feelings that can lead us to forget why we first initially wanted to invest in our education.

Working full time and attending grad school seems like a full load, which it is by any standards. However, it is manageable with some time management and lots of patience.

I chose Catholic University of American to pursue my Masters in Social Work degree because of the school's superior academic reputation, convenience (I work full time) and accreditation.

I'll be honest: The prospect of working in teams to complete my Master's in Social Work degree didn't exactly excite me. In fact, it was actually something I dreaded until recently.

Saying it is important to understand and prepare to meet your field work requirement for your Master of Social Work degree is the understatement of the year!

The transition from undergrad to grad school is significant. For me, the transition took place over 27 years. I went from just learning to use computers during my undergrad years to being able to complete my graduate studies entirely online.

Typically, CUA's online Masters in Social Work program takes about three years to complete if one class is taken at a time, and two internships are completed concurrently while attending classes.

The written word is a powerful tool. From stone tablets to computer tablets, human beings have always strived to capture their thoughts in writing for the purpose of conveying information to others.