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Behind The Catholic University of America is the rich intellectual tradition of the Catholic religion. The University was founded to establish a center of higher education in the United States that would promote the advancement of knowledge through research and function as a place where students could pursue truth and justice under the framework of Christian belief as handed down by the Church. Today, the University is the only American higher education institution granting canonical degrees in canon law, philosophy and theology. It also provides undergraduate and graduate degree programs to more than 3,600 undergraduate and nearly 3,300 graduate students from all 50 states and 85 countries.

As Catholic University is a teaching institution as well as a research center, our faculty members are committed to educating and nurturing each student as a whole person to help them prepare for personal, spiritual, and professional fulfillment. Our standards are high: 97 percent of our full-time faculty members have doctoral or terminal degrees in their fields.

The intellectual tradition at The Catholic University of America is informed by our Christian faith as practiced by the Catholic Church as well as a belief that faith and reason are not mutually exclusive. In this way, our faith forms a framework for our search for truth and our desire to serve others and to serve God.

Learn more about the Catholic intellectual tradition as practiced at the University. Request more information or call us at 855-295-5711 to speak with an admissions adviser.